This post is not about features, it’s about the best and the thoughts…

Most popular: Feedly

Platform: Web/iOS/Android/OSX

Price: Free with upgrade


I have used Feedly for about 1 year and I have to say that Feedly is great. It has a clean UI, very fast and it even show you how popular that article is. However, Feedly’s feedback system is on…Google plus(!). I have made some change requests here, they read that but the changes is not what I expected. They also put a big banner on the right asking me to upgrade. So I leave ^^


Best web service for Power users: NewsBlur

Platform: Web/iOS/Android

Price: Free with upgrade


While doing research for this post I came back to NewsBlur after a long time, try the service again (without login) and now I’m considering for a switch!

“NewsBlur Is an Online RSS Reader that Displays the Actual Web Site You’re Reading” –Lifehacker

The best app for Mac (and maybe iOS too): Reeder 2

Platform: iOS/OSX

Price: $4.99 for iOS and $9.99 for OSX



(Images from Apple Mac AppStore)

Reeder is the first RSS reader I use and It makes me love RSS. Now Reeder 2 is back and it got slightly better. It also gets 5 stars on Mac AppStore right now.

“I LOVE IT!!” –everyone

The one I’m using: InoReader

Platform: Web/Android

Price: Free with upgrade



InoReader doesn’t have a great UI, but I like its Chrome extension that show me how many unread articles I have to “Mark as ‘Meh, I’m so lazy to read‘” and I love the developer, he is doing great job!

“I have no idea why I like InoReader” –Me

What is your favorite RSS reader? Let us know using the box below or raise your hand



  1. Tim · June 1, 2014

    I’m using Reeder 2 and It’s awesome!!

    • thienlh · June 1, 2014

      No surprise 🙂
      PS: You are the first one who comment on this blog, thank you for that!

  2. janellv · June 24, 2014

    I really like gReader for Android.

    • thienlh · June 24, 2014

      Could you please tell me which features that you like on gReader?
      I just installed gReader on my phone, and honestly I’m not so impress with it.

      • janellv · June 25, 2014

        I started using it because it integrated with the Google news reader. Now it integrates with Feedly. I like all the options it gives you, and while its interface can be a little busy, I do like the way it displays information.

      • thienlh · June 26, 2014

        I still happy with Feedly, but maybe I will give gReader a try thanks to you 🙂

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